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Galleries From The Web 4

Here’s your Friday photo links.

From The Atlantic, Look Inside China and see different perspectives on the newest superpower. Then follow that up with a Collection Of Kisses, even though it’s not Valentine’s Day.

The BBC has interesting series, covering Mumbai’s Fight Nights, where a craze for martial arts has gripped the city.

CNN shows how Empowering Women Through Microcredit can be a boon to the developing world.

National Geographic will get your taste buds going, at least with some of it’s photos, in their Your Food Photos: Asia series. Then plunge the murky depths with Underwater Exploration Photos. And if that wasn’t enough, enjoy the beauty of nature with Butterflies, Patterns In Nature, where you can see some stunning natural designs.

The New York Times has lots of galleries depicting different locations around the world. My favourite was this set, Kazakhstan’s Capital, Outside & In. Then on a completely different tack, The Weird World Of Sports, covers some of those oft overlooked activities.

Have a great weekend.

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